Our accessories have been designed and made with all our love, always trying to offer maximum comfort and warmth to out babies and kids, using soft and pleasant materials.

In order to preserve properly the appearance, colour and touch of our pieces, you have to take care of them following our washing instruction strictly.

You can use the washing machine with a short by hand delicate program or wash by hand directly. If you choose this second option, remember to fill the cube with cold water and soap before introducing the piece and don’t leave it in water for a long time, since leaving the clothes soaked too long can spoil the fiber of the fabric or other components.

Use cold water and neutral detergents, with no bleach and no fabric softener. If you use right soap for delicate pieces, these will always be soft and pleasant smell without the need of a softener.

Do not scrub or twist the piece. Rinse with cold water, drain and wrap it in a towel and wipe it in the shade horizontally. Not use tweezers to avoid that fabric gets bad shape. Do not use the dryer.